I’m Melrose N. Fulgencio. i was born on October 11, 1986.Im a native New Washington Aklan took up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in General Science in Aklan State University School of Fisheries and Marine Sciences. I also took up the course of Associate In Health Science Education in Saint Gabriel College.

I’m the daughter of Mr. Fred Alcantara Fulgencio and Mrs. Neda Nepomuceno Fulgencio. Im the eldest. I have 4 sister.

I love dancing. I’ve been a dance troop member during my high school and college yeay. I dance folk dance, theatrical dance and even cheerdance. During muy college years I spent 7 hours in the practice after class. I dance to make show my talents.

I Graduated my schooling with the help of my family. I was a very struggle experience before i get be graduated. I already wast lot of tears. We are not belong in the financially stable status. My parent don’t have work that can sustain our schooling. But because of hardship and patience I finish my BS course. We are all studying and me and my 4 sister give importance much in means of education because my father told us that this the only wealth that he could give us that no one can get.

Im already a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, the same with my sister Sheila Mae that is next to me. We have the same major also.Frenelyne is taking up Bachelor of Science in Custom Administration now on her third year in college. She is a scholar. Felve is fourth year high school. And the youngest was 2nd year high school.

I believe that the first step to reach my goal in life was though education. We need to finish our study to reach those ambition.


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