First-Time Mothers – Where to Get Tips For Proper Baby Care

The thought of having a baby always excites first time mothers. Who wouldn’t be? You are now given a gift of being able to bring forth a delicate life into this world. Comes with motherhood is always that great responsibility of taking care of the baby. Sometimes the first time that a mother would hold her baby in her arms, it becomes a scary experience because of the fragile and delicate features of the baby. It is always a good thing for first time mothers to be able to get the proper tips or information in giving the baby the proper care. The question always be, where?

Well, you always have your mother to consult when it comes to the proper baby care. It is said that mothers never stop being one because they still have their grandchildren to care for. So, whenever you need to learn how to take care of your baby, always ask your Mom. She has the right experience and she would only be giving you the best advice there is.

If your Mother isn’t around or is too old to travel to reach you, and if you have friends who were already mothers, then you can also ask them to help you out. It is always a good thing to ask mothers whenever it comes to child care. Their experiences in taking care of their children could greatly contribute to your knowledge. Also, considering that each wonderful motherly experience is unique, you can learn valuable tips that you yourself could apply in your daily tasks of taking care of your baby.

You can also consult baby books. There are practically thousands of books available on proper baby care that you can read. These books were written by mothers who like to share their experiences in taking care of babies and give priceless advice on everything that pertains to baby care.

If you don’t have time to go the bookstore, you always have the Internet where you can find a lot of resources. There are many dedicated websites that deals with everything pertaining to the family, and you would surely find tips on how to take care of your baby. From grooming, feeding, bathing, and traveling, the Internet has a lot of resources that deal with these topics.

In giving the proper baby care, it is always your motherly instinct that will prevail. Tips would always be available but it is you first and foremost who knows what your baby needs. Just pay close attention to the cries of your baby and you will never go wrong.

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You Complete Me


Dear Hon,

I love you. I love every little thing about you. I love your cute smile, your magical eyes, and the sound of your voice. I love your gentle touch, and I love the warmth I feel when I’m by your side. I can’t stop thinking about you when we are apart. I need you by my side. You complete me. You mean the world to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are the one I’ve always wished for. I never thought that I would ever meet someone as special as you. I love each and every moment I share with you.

I know I can’t give you the whole world, but I can promise you I will always love you. My heart is yours, and even though I know I’ll make mistakes, I will never break your heart. I’ll be right beside you as we chase our dreams together, and you will never have to wonder if I still care. I think about you all day long and when I’m not near you my mind is consumed with thoughts of being close to you again. When you’re near me I feel like everything in the world is right, and I know I don’t have to ask God for anything because as long I have you in my life I have everything I could ever want. All I want to do is spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you have made me. I know you might already have someone else, but if you do, I hope that you feels the same way I feel because that’s what you deserve.

Love Always,

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Sand Stroke

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Happy Anniversary




EPVIRTUALASSISTANTS is composed of a team of Virtual Assistants from the Philippines who are geared to provide quality services for your business needs.

The first virtual assistant company in Aklan.

We are now celebrating the 1st year anniversary.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. John Mark Pelayo the owner of this company.

Congratulations also guys for your hard work to make this company successful.

I do hope that we will be more committed in providing excellent customer service to our clients.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”

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Call for Change Aklanon

I just want to encourage all the “Aklanon” to participate the boto mo ipatrol mo. Let the Aklanon youth be the call for change in our government. No to con-ass. Stop Poverty. Let us protect our right to vote and put deserving official in position. Let us vote the one who is capable for that position.
Let us stop the corruption in our place not only in Aklan but all over our country.

No to vote buying.

Let us exercise the democracy in our country.

Fight for it.

Let us  start the  clean 2010 election.

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This song is Dedicated to my special someone

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The Climb

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Social networking websites offer additional features. In addition to this are the blogs and forums. The members can express themselves by designing their own profile page to reflect their own personality. The most popular extra features include music and video sections. Members can read bios of their favorite music artists from the artist’s profile page as well as listen to their favorite songs and watch music videos. The video section can include everything from member–generated videos from hundreds of subjects to TV clips and movie trailers.

1. Facebook
2. MySpace
3. Bebo
4. Friendster
5. hi5
6. Orkut
7. PerfSpot
8. Yahoo! 360
9. Zorpia
10. Netlog

Don’t let your social life fade away.
Express yourself, share your interests, connect with friends, make new friends and much more when you join the social networking phenomenon.


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Body by Laser

Is being overweight your constant headache? Do you want to get sexy but hates exercise? Well, here’s a simple solution to your problem. Why don’t you try body by laser and have that voluptuous body you’re dreaming of.

Body by laser makes losing some inches on your waistline so easy. What you need to do is to just sit and relax and let the body by laser do the job. Body by laser will get rid of those stubborn areas of your body. You will have that curvaceous body in just two weeks. Imagine that? Surely, you will the topic of your friends’ chats and mens’ talks.

After the body by lasers’ fantastic results, you will now surely spend more time looking at the mirror and you’re now very confident to wear fitting shirts and skinny jeans.

Body by laser utilizes a state of the art Zerona laser that needs not to touch the skin. It doesn’t use needles, anesthesia, surgery or recovery time unlike liposuction or any other body-contouring procedures. Lipo laser is what you need to have that sexy tummy you’ve been wishing for a long time.

Zerona laser is a hassle free procedure. It includes a six forty-minute sessions that doesn’t feel a thing. You also have the chance to choose which part of your body do you want to loose inches from.

If you hate sweat and exercise, try body by laser and you’ll say, “goodbye old clothes, hello to new me and my new body”.

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