Virtual Assistant

What is virtual assistant? When I first met this job I don’t have any idea. I don’t know what to do even though I have a brief knowledge about computer and how to write an article my mind is still blank. But I find this work an adventurous  one Some define Virtual Assistant (or simply VA), is a business owner providing professional level administrative, technical, or sometimes creative assistance to clients–usually to other independent entrepreneurs and solo and small business practices. I can find this work not easy as it was. To be a effective Virtual Assistant you should have patience, courage, and all the good attitude at it was. You should also be hardworking. With the training and help of the staff their I think I can be a good virtual assistant someday.

Virtual Assistants (typically abbreviated to VAs), are business owners who provide professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients usually other independent entrepreneurs and consultancy small businesses. Virtual Assistants work from their own office (hence “virtual”), thus making it a fairly popular (and growing) profession in centralized economiesith “fly-in, fly-out” (FIFO) staffing practices. It is estimated that there are as few as 5,000-8,000 or as many as 35,000 Virtual Assistants worldwide. tion and data delivery include the Internet, e-mail and phonecall conferences,[online work spaces, and fax machine. Professionals in this business work on a contractual basis and a long-lasting cooperation is standard. Typically 5 years of administrative experience in an office is expected at such positions as executive assistant, office manager/supervisor, secretary, legal assistant, paralegal, legal secretary, real estate assistant, et cetera

The name of our company where I work right now was Epvirtual Assistant try to visit our website;


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We all have friends. A lot gets talked about friendships. Everyone wants a true friend, and many of us believe that we have a friend who can be called a true friend. What kind of relations do friends share? When can we call a friend a true friend, and when can our friends take us as their true friend. After a romantic relationship, friendships are the most important relationships we can have. Though all of us have family and distant family, most of us rely on friends for advice, comfort and inspiration. How do we define a relation that can be called as one of true friendship?

The very first sign of a very good friend, not necessarily a true friend is that we are not worried about courtesies. You will call your friend at any hour and talk without any thought of time in your mind. Similarly, whenever you need support, you will call a very good friend and ask him/her to help you out. They expect the same from you. Another important trait of such relations is that we are not much worried about exposing ourselves. We speak about everything in our mind without worrying about what our friends will think. We are sure that they will take our talk in the spirit it was made. We are unguarded and open with friends in our talk.

A true friend is a little more than a very good friend. A true friend will support you even if it hurts his/her own interest. A true friend will understand your motives and needs and will be with you without any analysis or criticism. A true friend will come forward to help without any request and be with us in need without showing it or expecting anything in return. With a true friend, you can be sure that you will get help to the extent possible by him/her. Nothing will remain unturned. A mother is a true friend of her children. If we share such relations with an adult we can say that we are true friends.

A true friend makes no excuses of having work or appointments or anything but will be with you whenever you need him/her. In your hour of desperation, a true friend will support you even if the whole world opposes you. A true friend is not an opportunist. A true friend means to have someone who is like mother, as I said earlier. Instead of having hundreds of good friends, if you have a true friend, treat yourself lucky. If you can also become a true friend of someone, you will be blessed, because it is much easier for all of us to expect but very difficult to give. Be a true friend yourself first.

Here are the picture of some of my friends;

me and mutya picture

Mutya is my friend and my office mate. She is nice.I’m so enjoy with her company.

This is Ron Eric Lauz. He is cute I’m I right. He is my friend. We come friend through text. He is my text mate. He is the cousin of my cute freind Ms. Anna ShryraLauz Onayan. Eric is a nice person.

He is simple.He love to played guitar. He played this instrument pretty good. He is taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. He is in his thir in college.

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  • Over the past few years I’ve received numerous inquiries to this website regarding questions about soulmates, karma and twin flame connections, and how do to determine the differences.

  • As some of you already know I’m still in the process of completing and finishing my book soulmate connections, containing facts and stories of people in my research and study,  I find it so fascinating and I feel I can still learn more about these amazing soul bonding connections.

  • I’ve found new research  to help others understand that Soulmates is a term that is easily been overused and not always clearly understood, some believe, there is only one soulmate, who we must search for our whole lives, or believe that it is a connection from a past life that the two share.

  • Each person must decide these things for themselves and also the power of choices and free will.
    From a growth perspective, we may meet many and different types soulmates in our lifetime.
    This doesn’t mean we are lovers with each one, although that again is a personal choice.
    The meeting and continued relationship is all about growth and the synchronicities that enable our growth on deeper & deeper levels, however, remember that there are twinflames, karmic and there are soulmates.
    All are meaningful relationships and teach us to grow, but in different ways.

  • The quest for love and for that perfect mate is really a challenge and we may sometimes want to believe a relationship is the ultimate deep connection, often sometimes analyzing the relationship and wanting it to be something more.
    There is different types of romantic relationships: twin flames (twin soul), Companion soulmates, true soulmates and karmic connection. All relate to the same group and category of the word soulmates, they are all spiritually equal, but hold something different for everyone, just because you may have someone you know may be going thru the same relationship experiences as you, doesn’t mean it’s the same type of spiritual connection. Karma has something different for everyone and a purpose to manifest in perfection.

Twin flames were created together in the beginning and share a unique destiny.
Twin flames are much as twins born of the same egg. This would be from the same soul source. There is not of that kind of twinning going on. This is different than soulmates. Twin flames would be of the same soul energy source and would have been decided at what you would term the creator source level or at the higher-self level, which we see as a level at which a being has the ability to create seed selves in 3rd-dimensional reality.
Similar to when twins are completely separated at birth and they find each other after many years and discover that they have the same food tastes, the same odd way of smiling and the same tastes in clothing
(I’m born one a twin). With twin flames’ being born of the same spirit, when they unite physically in 3rd Dimension. Your twin flame knows you whatever life you are expressed. But each with the same pattern of divine identity.
Though they spend some lifetimes together and others apart, their tie is eternal, and after they have each united with their Higher Self they will be together forever.
All though it may sound like a beautiful match made in heaven relationship, there is a thin line with this connection and deep intensity, that as beautiful and perfect a relationship can be, this can sometimes be a total opposite, spiritually when you enter in this life time you know if you want to meet with your twinflame or not and you know all your life you must prepare yourself to be able to join with your twin flame, it is not an automatic, it is truly a privilege to know your Twin Flame but you must be ready.
You will have to learn to love deeper than you ever thought possible and that usually means meeting,  with a twinflame connection you have to be brave and strong enough to be able to risk loving with your heart and soul that there is also a fear that dream may be shattered just as experiencing pain as well as joy.
When Twin Flames come together they become one, they are the mirror image of the other.
They think alike, they hold the same values and often their life experiences are very similar.
No matter what, if we are to be with our Twin Flame then it will happen and by experiencing the loves placed before us by Spirit and if it is part of our karma. A book & movie (what dreams may come) was created based upon twinflame/twin soul connections. (this is one of my favorites) the general meaning to twinflames was expressed here.

A soulmate connection is different from the twin flame.
We have only one twin flame, we have many soulmates. Soulmates are life partners, close friends, co-workers, a teacher, anyone who influences your life one way or another. They play the game of third dimension with you.

Companion Soulmates are trying to develop the same chakra energy, these are the relationships that are certain family members or friends who are there, when you need them most. True soulmates tend to be harmonious and satisfying, but not as intense as a twinflame but can accomplish great things together as well as a life partnership even when there is negativity or a spiritual confliction in between them, nothing can separate this connection they will always be connected and feel the need to be there for one another.

These closely resemble Twin Flame connections a relationship based on romantic love,  however there is still karma between two people and the couple can learn to live for many years together as a beautiful relationship and then there are the types of soulmates who come together for a reason, making some type of impact on a person’s life. in some cases the relationship ending in a separation, divorce and later to find there was a reason for it all happening the way it did, keeping in mind not all romantic relationships are True soulmates.

Then there is the karmic connection.
The karmic tie may be the tightest of all and begin with the the feeling of unfinished business.
This is because the soul has a deep yearning to be free and balancing of mutual karma  and a inadequacy of a past life relationship. Yet though they are frequently difficult, these relationships are important in achieving self-mastery with the spiritual path. A Karmic Soul Mate is a soul that we still have karma to deal with between us, now this doesn’t necessarily mean “bad” karma, it can be good karma as well.
It’s lessons to learn and these relationships have a feeling of unconditional love. Although these people invoke deep feelings (positive or negative) romantic relationship with a Karmic connection hold a feeling of more for lessons and unfinished business, there will always be an area of mystery of why this person entered my life.
The couple separates and should share whatever karma is linked to the child. Sometimes the karma is between mother and child, so the child remains exclusively with the mother. Sometimes the karma is with the father and the mother leaves or deceases.
Sometimes it is with both parents or with a sibling who has entered the game before or after you.

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Time Management

As A virtual Assistant it is important to have your own time management that will not affect to you’re work. We need this to have an organized life. We don’t have fixed schedule how in our work so weneedthis time management.

I insert here some article that i get to the internet and it inspired me so much try to read this:

Why is time management is important? I don’t know about your, but to me, if ever there was a boring topic, this has to be it. The question then is, why take an interest in it at all?

For a very simple reason, time management is about getting more value out of your time and using it to improve the quality of your life. It is more than just managing our time; it is managing about one relation to time. This is a skill few people master, but it is one that most people need badly. Without mastery of time, one will find success very elusive. Time management is really activity management. In my opinion, this is life management. In reality, it if you really think about it, wasting time equates to wasting one’s life.

Effective time management is the basis of good personal and professional habits. It is a conscious decision where we decide what is important and then plan our time and our lives around these things. In a profession that requires you to juggle so many tasks and responsibilities every day, effective time management is absolutely critical to your success. Everyone starts the day with 24 hours, no more and no less. How much we achieve within these 24 hours depends on how well we manage what is important to us i.e. our priorities. This could be in the areas on financial, family, physical fitness, social interaction etc.

An important consideration for effective time management is finding regular times in your day when you can work uninterrupted. Do remember that perfect time management is not a realistic expectation. Effective time management requires us to actively clarify our priorities. This brings about peace and balance to your life. It is not necessarily about working “harder”, but rather, “smarter”. It is about getting yourself organized and being aware of what is important to your. It is simply based on an attitude and the choices you make.

For most people, time management is THE #1 stumbling block to their success. Poor time management is often due to underlying attitudes or beliefs. Whatever your definition of success, time management is at its core. Time never stands still for anyone, which means time management is essential. It is one of those things we’d all like to get a better handle on – the science of how to use the hours in a day more efficiently. However, take care that you do not overload yourself. It is straightforward – but it takes time.

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Love Poems

What I Love About You

I love the way you look at me,
Your eyes so bright and blue.
I love the way you kiss me,
Your lips so soft and smooth.

I love the way you make me so happy,
And the ways you show you care.
I love the way you say, “I Love You,”
And the way you’re always there.

I love the way you touch me,
Always sending chills down my spine.
I love that you are with me,
And glad that you are mine.

– Crystal Jansen –


A Special World

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong
In a special world, where we belong.

– Sheelagh Lennon –


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My Family Picture

This my nephew

His name is Baby James

His  is so cute:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Here are the cute photo of my cute niece:

Baby James with His Mother

Ate Sheb




Baby James with Mama


Baby James withj Dady Lolo



Baby James and Baby Onin

Pictures of my Dear Cousins

Ate Sheb and Mon Adrian

This is Via Andria Rosales
or we always called her
"Via Gwapa"

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My Horoscope

Libra September 23-October 22 Saturday, Aug 9, 2008

If things are starting to look up for you on the financial front, just don’t let a little good financial news cause you to throw caution to the wind. If you feel somebody hasn’t been giving you the attention you deserve, you may be tempted to try to buy someone’s affection right now. And if you’re not careful to watch what you say today, there could be a few misunderstandings for you to have to deal with.

If you find yourself having a few nasty run-ins with the people around you today, you might want to try to get some advice from a wise friend who can show you how you can resolve things without too much damage. Just realize that you’ll be much better off if you try not to burn too many bridges right now.

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