Oh Sister!

The Lord asked cain where is your brother Abel?

He answered ” I dont know. Am I supposed to take care of my brother”

Genesis 4:9

Have you ever wondered why your little sister always a big pain in your neck? They always seem to find ways to annoy you and make you want to choke them. And sometimes, even though they make mistake, we get the blame. My little sister is a perfect exmple. But one experience gave me a second thoughts.

I love dancing. I always participated in school program and I”m a dance troop member of our school from high school to college. But my stage fright is always there.

One time our school had a presentation. And our dance troop was one who will be participated. Many of us had a solo part. When my turn came my legs start to buckle. I look to the audience to find my family to give me strenght, but they lose in the crowd. I could not remember whether I dance well or not.

After the presentation, the family member to greet me was my little sister Grinning broadly, she exclaimed, Ate ang galing mo (Big sister, you were great) I couldnt believe my ears. How could my pesky sister appreciate what I just did?

This could not be the same kid who loves to call me names and get my things without permission. I reasoned. Then I realized that behind his annoying behavior, she truly has a kind and loving heart and that when had our share of fights.she was not the only one to blame. I myself was also selfish and hardheaded.


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  1. trina4 replied:

    you done greet article. Please continue doing those article that can inspired people. Your a greet sister. Even with those circumstances you still love your sister.

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